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Service in Logistics

4pallet proposes the following services in logistics :

  • Site or distribution chain audit

    The objective is to gather information related to physical hazards of supply chain, possibly quantify them and address finally a list of recommendations to improve the situation.

    The methodology can be applied on a unique site, a group of sites or throughout the distribution chain (production site, distribution center, retailer or corner shop)

  • Review of the full range of existing pallet patterns

    We can review all your existing pallet patterns to look for optimization on the pallet. We act both on pallet layer optimization (more boxes / layer) and pallet height optimization (depending on cardboard specification, storage length etc.). Factors like pallet stability and environment (relative humidity, automatic palletizer or not) are also considered. This way, transport cost can be reduced from 5 to 20%.

  • Develop new and innovative packaging

    We can support you in designing new box shapes for new needs: shelf ready packaging (SRP), retail ready packaging (RRP).

    Business case with a customer in Brazil
    Customer introduced a new cardboard box shape less protective but offering more visibility at retailer shelves. We brought our knowledge to design the new box and propose a cardboard specification that has been validated with box compression tests in laboratories and then in the field (static and dynamic compression during transport).

  • Organization of transport test

    We can support you with methodology (preparation, material specification, check-lists, alternatives to be studied) and on the field for the introduction of a new package, box or pallet pattern in your supply chain.

    Business case with a leading company in carton packages in India.
    Audit to assess the level of damage on primary packages throughout the distribution chain (from production site to distribution centers and retailers). Methodology to quantify the level of damage on primary packages. Recommendation to improve the situation

  • Define box strength specification

    We can support you with in-depth knowledge about plastic and cardboard material used for distribution of goods. Depending on project scope, we can work on cardboard strength specification, vertical divider to support the load on primary packages, different types of interlayers, film used for packages or for pallet (stretch film, shrink film, plastic hood etc.)

    Business case for a customer in France having damages on new package during distribution
    Audit to quantify the damage on packages. Agreement on a methodology with the customer and the final user. Support to define proper vertical divider specification (dimensions, cardboard strength required etc.). Organization of transport test, quantification of the different alternatives, final recommendations.