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Trainings in Logistics

On site or on-line trainings

Online or on-site trainings to use 4pallet software in its full potential
We propose on-site or online training session to explain all possibilities of 4pallet software.

It includes the customization of 4pallet settings so that it fits perfectly with your specific needs and can be used without any trouble by operators or commercial teams.

Target audience are all 4pallet customers.

Training for operators to reduce the waste / damage during the transport of goods
We have developed training program to raise awareness on how to handle properly products, boxes and pallets throughout the supply chain.

Training sessions are held on site with the display of best practice material, check-lists, advice and hand-on recommendations for daily work.

The main objectives of these trainings session are to:

  • Reduce waste level throughout the distribution chain
  • Improve product appearance
  • Improve brand image

Target audience are operators in logistics warehouse in production site, distribution center or retailers.

General training about supply chain knowledge and understanding
We propose general trainings to understand better how the supply chain works : production site, distribution centers, retailers or corner shops.

It includes technical basics such as pallet type, pallet stability, stacking types, stacking height constraints, wrapping technologies, product and box dimensions, general knowledge about cardboard quality, impact on product protection etc.